Monkey Meadow BTD6 Hard Mode with No Monkey Knowledge Walkthrough - Basically Average (2024)

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One of the things I love the most about playing Bloons TD 6 is the fact that all the maps players have access to are so different, ranging from maps that have multiple entrances, maps with lots of loops, maps that are a straight path and maps that have multiple obstacles, essentially blocking a player’s Towers from having visibility of the track.

While some maps seem to be easier than others, the reality is that players will need a good strategy and ample knowledge of what Towers are effective against what bloons and will need to make decisions on what Towers are most effective based on the structure of the map.

Though all Towers have the capabilities of destroying any bloons, especially when combined with the Monkey Village, the reality is that each map requires a different strategy as the layout of the map is really what defines what Towers should be placed.

As many know, I have a community on Twitch that is very interested in Tower Defense games, though in surveying my community it seems like the consensus is that many feel like BTD6 is a bit too overwhelming, especially due to the fact that players will need a great number of Towers in order to defend the map well.

I do have to agree that there are some times when I feel overwhelmed, especially when I’m trying to farm Insta-Monkeys and choose to go well beyond Round 200 to do so as my screen becomes a chaotic mess of projectiles and my computer inevitably begins to lag, causing the speed-up button to actually slow down the game instead of pick up the speed. Though this is true, the only other overwhelming content for me tends to be when I choose to use No Monkey Knowledge or of course attempt, a C.H.I.M.P.S. map as anyone is going to struggle a bit without the right strategy with no extra help.

So, in order to help my community either become inspired to play BTD6 or retry the game, I’ve been releasing videos of each map on the various Hard Modes to show some strategies I have.

The following guide is specifically for the Hard Mode of Monkey Meadow. This guide does not use any Monkey Knowledge, uses Quincy (the first Hero you have access to) and does not utilize Banana Farms in hopes of preparing players for C.H.I.M.P.S.


While I used Quincy for this play through as he is the most accessible Hero for players, other great options depending on a player’s play style:


Obyn Greenfoot


Pat Futsy







If possible, depending on your Monkey Knowledge and the Hero that you choose, it’s always going to be your best option to place your Hero first.

As Quincy is extremely cheap, players will be able to place him whether or not they have Monkey Knowledge. Players will want to place him somewhere in the center of the map, trying to cover as much of the path as possible. There are no worries if you do not cover absolutely everything as you will be adding an Alchemist later to help improve his range.

The first real Monkey I place is a Dart Monkey. Most players should have a free Dart Monkey and should either place it near Quincy or at the end of the first row. I personally placed it at the end of the first row to see whether or not it would deal more damage when it is on “last” targeting. The answer is no, but it still does a good amount of damage and makes sure that bloons aren’t popped too early (as you’re going to place a Necromancer.) You will be upgrading this Dart Monkey to X-2-4 or higher.

The second Tower I place is a Tack Shooter. I place this in the section that looks like a “]” This ensures that bloons are attacked multiple times before they leak, and will ensure that the Tack Shooter catches anything before bloons begin to completely leak. You’re going to aim to upgrade this to a 2-X-4 or higher.

I place a Wizard Monkey next, placing it on the left-hand side of the first loop so it has the most coverage when it becomes a Necromancer. There’s no rush to upgrade this tower fully at first, but I would recommend that you at least upgrade it to X-2-X early to deal with Lead Bloons (which come around Round 29.) Your goal is to upgrade this to X-2-4.

At this point, you have some time to upgrade all of your Towers as far as possible before Round 40.

Around Round 50 you will want to start thinking of your next Tower. I recommend a 2-X-4 Ninja Monkey. You want to make sure that the Ninja Monkey is close enough to the beginning of the map to place bombs onto the MOABs, but you don’t want to place it in front of the Necromancer as it deals very high damage comparatively and can decrease the amount of Ghost Bloons you spawn.

Now although this isn’t depicted, you have two options for your final upgrades. Either you can push both your Tack Shooter and Dart Monkey to tier 5 or you can place an Alchemist to power up all your Towers. I strongly recommend the latter as it is more substantial, though the option is yours, especially if you’re nervous about leaks.

Monkey Meadow BTD6 Hard Mode with No Monkey Knowledge Walkthrough - Basically Average (1)

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Monkey Meadow BTD6 Hard Mode with No Monkey Knowledge Walkthrough - Basically Average (2024)


What level do you need to be to get all Monkey Knowledge? ›

The total amount that can be earned (by reaching level 155 and getting all achievements with Knowledge Point rewards) is actually 137. It is possible to immediately reach Level 30 by going to the Monkey Knowledge menu and buying the purchase that unlocks Rank 30 immediately to start earning Monkey Knowledge.

How long does it take to 100% BTD6? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Bloons TD 6 is about 34 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 582 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How do you beat Monkey Meadow in BTD6? ›

When possible, place a Druid down opposite from Obyn. Upgrade the Druid to 2-0-2 as soon as possible (should be possible around the start of round 14). At the end of round 20, upgrade the Druid to 3-0-2. On round 24, place a Ninja Monkey next to Obyn to deal with Camo Bloons.

How long does it take to get max Monkey Knowledge? ›

This means that in order to reach the maximum monkey knowledge level in all 24 categories on mobile, a total of 4,020,000 monkey knowledge points would be required. On average, this would require about 16,750 monkey knowledge packs to be opened, not accounting for duplicates.

What is the fastest monkey in BTD6? ›

The Super Monkey is the fastest attacking base tower in the game, throwing at approximately 22.22 darts per second (equivalent to 0.045s cooldown per shot) each with 1 pierce and 1 damage.

Is there a BTD7? ›

BTD7: Worlds Collide is the 7th instalment in the BTD franchise, created by Ninja Kiwi and Bloony Entertainment.

Can Ezili one shot a bad? ›

Given that there is enough track, the MOAB Hex ability is up in time, and that Ezili is level 20, she can easily solo the Round 100 BAD. Also she is mostly used on certain challenges like CHIMPS140, as she can easily take down a Fortified BAD on Round 140.

How much HP does a Round 100 bad have? ›

In addition, Freeplay Mode will slowly accelerate their health and speed every round. On Round 100 in BTD6, where they will first naturally spawn, they start off with 28,000 health and 67,200 RBE. However, in BATTD, the BAD has a default 15,000 health, or 30,000 in Impoppable Difficulty.

How much money do you get by round 40? ›

Income in Rounds
RoundMoney awarded
Max. for popping bloonsTotal
47 more rows

How to get a black border? ›

The Black Border is a lustrous border, more esteemed than the Gold Border, awarded for one of three difficult feats in Bloons TD 6. The first is beating C.H.I.M.P.S. mode without exiting to the main menu or retrying any rounds. Doing so will award the player a black CHIMPS medal, as opposed to the red version.

How to get a black border on Monkey Meadow? ›

A black border is awarded for earning all the medals for a map, including the black "flawless" and "no saves" CHIMPS medal, and is considered the most prestigious type of map border.

How do you max out a monkey temple? ›

One of the cheapest ways to produce a maximum power Temple Of The Monkey God is by sacrificing: 3 Big One Mortars, three Viral Frosts, three Bloon Liquefiers, three Tempest Tornados, and a 4/2 Village.

How many Tier 5 monkeys can you have in BTD6? ›

Tier 5 Monkeys are the most powerful in the game. You can only have one of each path in play at a time. Popup Message when purchasing a Tier-5 upgrade for the first time. Master Double Cross MK is enabled, exclusive to BTD6).

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