How to Beat Monkey Meadow on Impoppable | BTD6 2023 (2024)

Welcome to the guide to conquering Monkey Meadow on Impoppable difficulty in Bloons TD 6!

Best of all: this guide requires only 4 towers, and minimal micromanagement (apart from some ability usage).

Throughout this guide, you'll learn both how to beat Monkey Meadow on Impoppable difficulty and learn a few basic tips and strategies you can use on any map to consistently tackle Impoppable & CHIMPS difficulty elsewhere.

Note: This guide was recorded on BTD6 Patch 40. If you find this guide no longer works, please let us know!

Let's get started.

The Final Monkey Meadow Build

If you'd like to see the final build now and reverse engineer it yourself, here's a screenshot along with the list of towers used in this guide:

How to Beat Monkey Meadow on Impoppable | BTD6 2023 (1)

  • Sauda (Hero)
  • Wizard Monkey
  • Druid
  • Spike Factory

Early Game & Starting Towers

Since we aren't able to afford Sauda as our first tower, we'll have to compromise with a Druid.

How to Beat Monkey Meadow on Impoppable | BTD6 2023 (2)

Creates a blast of thorns for each attack. Upgrades can call forth powers of the Jungle, Storm, or Wrath.

Start by placing a Druid towards the left-middle of the map as you see in the screenshot:

How to Beat Monkey Meadow on Impoppable | BTD6 2023 (4)

This placement gives the Druid three opportunities to attack Bloons - this is more than enough for it to solo the early rounds, allowing us to save up for our Hero.

Round 9

As soon as you have the gold during Round 9, place Sauda to the left of the Druid on the other side of the track:

How to Beat Monkey Meadow on Impoppable | BTD6 2023 (5)

This placement also gives Sauda three opportunities to hit Bloons. This setup will allow us to save a decent bit of gold in the coming rounds.

After Round 19 - Before Round 20

After Round 19, place a Wizard Monkey to the left of Sauda and upgrade it to 0 / 2 / 2:

How to Beat Monkey Meadow on Impoppable | BTD6 2023 (6)

This Wizard will be one of our main carry towers for this run, as it works extremely well with Sauda. You'll soon learn why!

Round 31

Once you have the gold during Round 31, upgrade your Wizard Monkey to 0 / 3 / 2, or Dragon's Breath in the middle path.

We've written about the Dragon's Breath + Sauda combination in other articles (like our Cubism CHIMPS guide), but we'll reiterate why it's an amazing combo here as well:

Dragon's Breath is one of the best early abilities in the game, especially when paired with Sauda. Sauda's Level 11 damage upgrade gives her extra damage to "harmed" Bloons - i.e. bloons affected by any lingering on-bloon effects, such as speed inhibitors and/or damage-over-time - which Dragon's Breath is able to supply via a damage over time burn effect.

Dragon's Breath also deals insane amounts of damage by itself. When paired with the bottom path upgrade of Monkey Sense, it's able to target and quickly damage nearly any Bloon / MOAB in the game.

After Round 39 - Before Round 40

After Round 39, upgrade your Druid to 1 / 4 / 0.

Druid of the Jungle + Jungle's Bounty paired with Hard Thorns is another amazing early/mid game upgrade for both single and multi-lane maps. It's difficult for Bloons to even make any progress on the map! Give it a try in your future games.

It also brings us a bit closer to Spirit of the Forest, another major upgrade for our run.

Note: Jungle's Bounty also gives us an income-generating ability. Use it every time it comes off cooldown for the rest of the game.

After Round 47 - Before Round 48

After Round 47, place a Spike Factory at the end of the map and upgrade it to 2 / 0 / 4. Moreover, set its targeting priority to 'Smart':

How to Beat Monkey Meadow on Impoppable | BTD6 2023 (7)

Setting the targeting priority to 'Smart' allows us to build up a Deadly Spike - and later, a Perma-Spike - pile at the very end of the map. This allows our other towers the maximum amount of time to damage/pop Bloons before they reach our spikes, conserving our spikes for when we need them most.

Round 63

During Round 63, you should gain enough gold to upgrade your Spike Factory to 2 / 0 / 5, or Perma-Spike in the bottom path. Do that now.

Perma-Spike is another great upgrade for single-track maps in Patch 40.

There will be times during this run where many Bloons / MOABs make it through Sauda, the Wizard, and the Druid and towards the Perma-Spikes. It's important to place your trust in the Perma-Spikes! Once a generous spike pile has built up, it can handle a ridiculous number of Bloons and MOABS on its own without breaking a sweat.

Note: we recently tested Perma-Spike's power - and when it had built up a nice spike pile, it was able to handle 45 DDTs on its own when buffed by a 4 / 2 / 0 Alchemist.

Round 80

To do some extra damage to the ZOMG on Round 80, use Sauda's Leaping Sword Attack on the ZOMG.

This may not be totally necessary, but it will speed things up nonetheless.

Finally, you should garner enough gold during Round 80 (or you may have it already) to upgrade your Druid to 1 / 5 / 0, or Spirit of the Forest. Do this now.

Spirit of the Forest will give us a ton of supporting damage to Bloons, MOABs, and DDTs throughout the rest of the run. Since Monkey Meadows' track is quite long, it gives the vines plenty of time to get damage in.

Round 95

During Round 95, you should gain enough gold to upgrade your Wizard Monkey to 0 / 5 / 2, or Wizard Lord Phoenix in the middle path. Do that now.

When the DDTs appear on Round 95, use the Wizard Lord Phoenix ability.

You could risk it and not use the ability, as the Perma-Spike would likely handle any stragglers. We're not going to use the ability on the Round 99 DDTs and the Perma-Spike handles business without issue. But this speeds things up, anyway.

Round 100

When the BAD appears, use the Wizard Lord Phoenix ability off cooldown.

And that's it! The Perma-Spike will take care of any stragglers left from the BAD popping.


And that's it!

Feel free to check out our other challenge and map guides on, or head over to the Tier Lists to see what towers work best to help you tackle your other CHIMPS runs.

How to Beat Monkey Meadow on Impoppable | BTD6 2023 (2024)
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