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Next in the firing line is Pauly (IAM: Pauly Unstoppable). He’s got arguably the biggest stretched nostrils in the West, to say nothing of his many other heavy body modifications, is descended from the Maori, he’s been shot at, stabbed, run over by cars, fallen out of high buildings, been set on fire, overdosed by accident (and on purpose), been flatlined by a drunk driver, comatose, beaten, maced, tasered, shot at with rubber bullets and was once pronounced legally dead for eight minutes!

What a gay, erm, guy.


Hi Pauly, to kick things off tell me a few things about yourself you consider boring..


Well my name is Pauly Unstoppable — that’s what I go by on a daily basis so the name I was given at birth isn’t really important. I’m twenty-one and was born July the 18th, 1985, and for the most part I was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, but I’ve lived all over the place. My hair is brownish, my eyes are greenish and I’m about six feet tall and weigh roughly 140 pounds.

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And now something riveting?


I used to weigh 280 pounds.


Did becoming a vegan play any part in that?


Well I was already vegan when I lost the weight. Just being vegan doesn’t make you automatically healthy, you can still be vegan and eat like sh*t! It was more of a lifestyle change that helped me shed the extra tonnes.Basically I started eating food with really low fat content — fresh fruits, veggies and so on — and exercised like a demon. I rode my bike for eight hours a day and did so many sit-ups and push-ups that sometimes I could barely move the next morning… I really need to get back in line with that though. I’ve been a little out of shape recently sadly.


You’ve told me about your wang on many occasions — eight or nine inches long by six and a quarter inches in girth if I remember correctly. What makes it hard?


Pretty boys with tattoos!


And what makes it flaccid?


Scary vagin*s and Margaret Thatcher!


It’s unlikely I’ll be seeing you skipping hand in hand down the street with her in the near future then?


Haha! I don’t imagine so, although I will be in London in December so who knows? I don’t much fancy ladies and boobs just don’t register with me at all — it’s like I have anti-boob vision or something… and besides, she’s old! [ROO: 81 at the time of publishing.] I am trying to stay a kid for as long as possible and I don’t want her aging disease to rub off on me.

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Tell me more about your chin tattoo’s, rumour has it they’re BME related?


Well, it wasn’t meant to say “BME” — at least I didn’t do it consciously. At BMEfest this year Philip Barbosa noticed that it resembled the word BME, and once he pointed that out I could see what he meant, sort of. They’re actualy a mixture of Maori design and North American tribe designs. I drew it when I was fifteen and just sat on them. I’m descended from Maori ancestry though my skin colour doesn’t show it at all.


That’s one thing about you I didn’t know! Is your family tattooed?


Of the family I know personally none of them have any Maori tattoos at all. I’m really not sure how far back it was because most of my family older than my grandparents passed away a long while ago, so I didn’t have the chance to meet them or ask any questions. They were a far cry from how I look — I’m pretty pale but they were all very tanned with black hair and dark eyes. My dad is like that too, but not me.


Apart from your mum who does your hair?


Just me…My ex did help me once, bless. The hair he helped me with was for BMEfest this year, it’s very hard to describe and was mildly ridiculous… basically I shaved two stripes down the top of my head, much like if you were going to start a mohawk and then decided to just leave all the hair on either side. It ended up looking like mullet with long fake side burns, and then a blonde strip dyed down the middle.At the moment I have a sort of fake rat-tail thing going on, I had to shave part of the back of my head for my new neck tattoo.Anyway, I talk too much.

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I know you’re gay because you’ve got a soft spot for me, but have you ever had sex with a ‘real’ woman?


Haha yeah, I have actually! I was in a threesome with my friend and his girlfriend. I guess basically she felt she needed to break the gay boy or something. That was the real first time, and I actually totally forgot about it for a while. Then I had another experience with a girl and started telling people about that instead. I’m a flake like that.


You describe yourself as ‘Commie Scum’ — care to elaborate?


I hold socialist/communist political ideals. I believe in a government of the people, run by the people for the people. It’s just funny to refer to myself as “commie scum”, because in the hate mail I get I tend to get called that fairly often, so I chose to embrace it.That’s why I also refer to myself as a “fa*ggot” on my IAM page. It takes the bite out of it for people.


Is there anything in the world that could stop a Pauly?


I’ve been shot, stabbed, run over by cars, fallen out of high buildings, been set on fire, overdosed by accident, and on purpose. I’ve been flatlined by a drunk driver, comatose, beaten, maced, tasered, shot at with rubber bullets and was legally dead for eight minutes!Despite all that I’m still here, so I guess not.


Does having flatlined change the way you see ritual at all?


I wouldnt say so, really… I mean, I am an atheist — a pretty hardcore one — but I do have a spiritual side. It’s just not the religious type. With me, rituals such as bloodletting and suspending and play piercing is a very spiritual thing, but it’s helping me to harness the energy that I have in me, and feed off of it and to put me in better touch with my mind and body and my surroundings and such. The fact that I have died and been brought back has really only strengthened that energy, but doesnt make me see it any other way. It definitely woke me up and changed my perception of a lot of things about life, and as morbid as it might sound, it made me a better person in my eyes. It sort of helped me to become who I am today, and I really love who I am today.


Does the way you look help or hinder you in finding relationships?


A bit of both I suppose… I mean it obviously limits my dating circle somewhat, but my preference is geared more towards pretty tattooed boys anyway. My nostrils are what turn most people off, which is ok with me I suppose, although there is one person I wish didn’t mind so much, but that cant be helped.The thing that hinders my relationships most of all seems to be distance.

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Take a deep breath because now I’m going to ask you the question you most ‘dread’. During the planning of this interview you mentioned that you’d rather not talk about your nostrils, at least not make them the prime focus, which is understandable — does it bothers you that people see you as just “the guy with the giant nostrils?”


Well, it doesn’t bother me really. I would be very naive to think people wouldn’t notice giant f*cking holes in my face! I’m quite aware that they’re much larger then anyone’s gone before, I’m not stupid and expect people to ask questions about it.Honestly, I don’t mind people being curious, I am a nice guy after all. If you are nice to me I’ll show you the same courtesy. For a while though I felt the focus was only on my nostrils — like they were a separate life force, they could have almost had their own fan club and its still sort of like that.For example if I post a picture on IAM or Myspace, I get like literally thirty messages asking me “Are you nostrils smaller?”, “What happened”, “Are you giving up?” et cetera. It’s not that I think that’s bad, I’m just not used to so much attention. As funny as that may sound I’m a fairly reclusive person, even now. Until pretty recently I was in the shadows of BME, that’s how I felt anyway, then I finally got a good camera and it blew up! [ROO: I think Pauly’s referring to his popularity, not the camera, hehe.] Some will say I probably milk it a bit, after all I do post lots of pictures and bulletins on various sites these days, but it’s only to please the requests I get on a day to day basis. That said there’s still one picture I wont make public no matter how many times it’s requested, and that’s one with all my piercings taken out, sorry but it’s just not happening, hah!

Anyway, back to the point, if there was one. The area I live at the moment is very conservative, so I don’t really venture out much, not on my own anyway. I do my grocery shopping at night because its utterly impossible for me to do it at like three or four in the afternoon, it would take me three hours just to find an amusingly shaped carrot because I get stopped every few minutes and so forth.

I’ve had more exotic piercings and tattooing for quite a while now so I’m quite used to being in public, and I don’t notice the staring and pointing at all. Unless they are blatantly rude and in my face I don’t see them or care in the slightest. It’s funny because it tends to be my friends that get pissed off with the attention when they walk around with me, because they’re not accustomed to it. I just have to tell them it’s part of my life and they’ll get used to it. It’s really not that big a deal and slowly but surely they’re becoming less emotional about things.

Simply put I’m a pleasant person so when people ask questions I answer them to the best of my ability. I know if I saw someone wandering the streets looking like this I’d want to look and ask questions. If it’s done nicely and they aren’t rude or condescending I’ll quite happily sit with someone for half an hour or however long they want and talk to them about body art! Nice people I meet outside of the piercing and tattoo community make me feel warm inside, it also makes me happy there are still open minded people out there.

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You must admit they’re an impressive pair of stretched nostrils — I feel like I’m complimenting you on a fine set of breasts, hah. Do you find the size they are now affect nasal health, nose hair growth, or anything like that?


That’s a question I’m asked lots, also in comments I see regarding many of my photos. To put that baby to bed, so to speak: I’ve had no ill effects in regards to the size of my nostrils whatsoever, the insides are still healthy and nice and I breathe just fine through my nose.If anything I find breathing even easier with the plugs in, they just seems to open everything up for the lovely oxygen.


I’m sure you understand that many people reading this article may well see you as a trend-setter or role model. Some of those people may also have followed your changes over the past few years, but not yet be of age to start themselves. What advice would you have for them?


I started really young. My lobes were pierced at age seven, and by the time I was eleven I was already stretching them. I pierced my septum and PA at that time too, so I can understand the drive. I would say if you want to get work done at a young age, I would have it done right first time.. doing it yourself in your bathroom with a safety pin will just hurt you in the long run.As far as the more advanced stuff goes, I really can’t comment. I have friends who are much younger than I am, I guess I might have had some part in inspiring them to start things larger, and I know and trust they can handle it so that doesn’t concern me in the slightest. I really don’t think it’s my place to tell anyone what they should and shouldn’t do with their body, as I don’t think anyone should. People are allowed to make their own mistakes. That’s how we learn.I also don’t believe it’s right to tell people they’ll regret things in the future. I live firmly in the present, not the future, the only sure thing is the past and the present. The future is what you make of it. Sure having stretched nostrils or ears will close a lot of doors for you but it doesn’t mean your life is ruined. If you want to make life grand you can, you just have to want it enough.I tattooed my face at age eighteen, in part because I wanted to make sure I did what I wanted to with my life. I used it as a tool to force myself to strive for my dreams, and not buckle into society’s standard of living, because I don’t agree with it, and don’t care to live that way in all honesty. I couldn’t be happier with my life as it is now.

As far as being a trend-setter goes, I suppose that statement just makes me blush! I didn’t ever think it would matter that much to anyone what I did with my body. It’s not really something that crossed my mind, I just do these things because they make me happy. It’s just how I want to look, and how my mind told me I should look.

Don’t get me wrong I am glad that people can see some stuff I have done, especially if it helps them to push themselves to do what they really want to do, because it’s a big step in our culture to choose to something so outside of the ’norm’. I don’t think of myself as a trend-setter or anything like that, I am just a regular person who’s doing what makes him feel pretty.


Has there ever been a time when you’ve regretted your modifications?


The only thing I have ever regretted is not starting something bigger or not knowing enough about stretching lobes when I first began.. If I knew then what I know now I definitely wouldn’t have had my lobes pierced with a gun — I’d have had them pierced with a needle, and a lot higher too. That makes the process of stretching so much easier in the long-term.

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Finally, for this subject at least. How do feel about the changes you’ve made to your face?


I honestly couldn’t be happier with the route I’ve taken in life, the only thing I don’t like is I’m not done yet, but that’s half the fun, haha! It’s the same old story really, I grew up as ‘the fat kid’ and due to that I’ve been left with plenty of emotional scars and really had trouble feeling happy about my appearance.Because of tattooing and piercing and so on, I feel beautiful.I also feel stronger than I’ve ever felt, despite receiving death threats and hate mail on a daily basis. They don’t phase me anymore though. Instead I giggle because I’ve come so far in taking back my appearance from the one I hated growing up with to the one I now hold and the one that puts such a huge smile on my face when I look in the mirror every morning.


We’re all dying to know.. How many crushes do you have? If you’re feeling brave you can name names!


I have a few, I make sure everone I crush knows about it, haha. You never know! [ROO: After a bit of gentle cajoling I managed to needle some names out of him.] Jay_Veganxxx, Vegan Jarret, oilchange&wifebeaters (of course), you Roo, loving devotee and miketheshoe… On second thoughts I don’t want to list everyone or play favorites. I’d hate to leave someone out and upset them!


What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done? Favourite memory?


I don’t really have a particular favorite memory… Road trips across the country make me smile though, and living in Canada has it memories. There is so much much I miss about Canada.. it’s where I lost my virginity and my heart. And the parks and vegan restaurants are incredible! On thinking about it here are some of my favorite memories of my time in Canada……Hanging out at Buddhas [a vegan restaurant] after BMEfest, talking with Phil and Jason and then playing like twelve block games of grab ass!…Where it progressed so far Brandon was screaming so loud it was scaring people passing us in cars, haha….Electric butts with Ian, Howie, Efix and Oli and the rest of the Quebec city crew (no Howie, I wont have sex with this girl!)

I think the fondest memory that will stick with me the longest was when I lived in Montreal with Nye, it was one of the best times in my life and I’ll never forget it. I miss it dearly sometimes.

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Tell me what being a member of IAM means to you, do you think you’d be the same person if you weren’t part of this community?


Well, IAM and BME has pretty much filled a void I had in my life! I have been into body art for as long as I can remember. When I tell people how I got started, they are like, “what, you pierced your penis at eleven?!”I didn’t know what I was doing it just seemed like it should have been there all along. For a long time I felt very alone, and still sort of do because there aren’t many people around me with the same interests. IAM definitely helped me feel like I could talk to people who understood, the friends I’ve made here are like family to me. It gives me a place to go and a place to talk freely about my interests and for the most part people are supportive and share the same sentiment, so it makes me feel at home and not so ’weird’.I am a strong person and really nothing anyone can say will make me change my mind or skip a beat in my life, but its still nice to have a community of people you can come to anytime you need to, and they always make you feel at one with them.


It’s been lovely as always Pauly, thanks for taking the time to talk to me.I think I hear Maggie calling you from the bedroom. Run Pauly, Run!You wouldn’t want to suffer the wrath of the Iron Lady.


It was my pleasure!

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This article is copyright © 2006, and for bibliographical purposes was first published November 26, 2006.

Pauly – The Unstoppable! - BME: Tattoo, Piercing and Body Modification News (2024)


Who is Pauly Unstoppable? ›

Pauly Unstoppable is the king of extreme body modification, leading the field with new techniques and styles.

Are piercings and tattoos body mods? ›

We all know the more popular kinds of body modifications, like plastic or cosmetic surgery, tattoos, piercings and implants. However, other kinds of modifications appear to many as much more extreme options. These include tongue splitting, eyeball tattoos, microdermals, branding and teeth filing.

What is body modification tattoo? ›

Body modification is performed for a large variety of reasons, including aesthetics, sexual enhancement, rites of passage, religious beliefs, to display group membership or affiliation, in remembrance of lived experience, traditional symbolism such as axis mundi and mythology, to create body art, for shock value, and ...

What is a tattoo a modification of? ›

A tattoo is a form of body modification made by inserting tattoo ink, dyes, and/or pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin to form a design.

What happened to Pauly Unstoppable? ›

Pauly has reportedly survived being hit by a car, shot, and even set on fire, and was once in a coma for over two weeks. And that's not to mention having several painful modification procedures, and managing to overcome the stigma of his somewhat odd looks in favor of a creative and professional career.

Is Pauly still with? ›

While it has been questionable at times, Nikki and Pauly are still together. Nikki has not only stepped away from filming for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, she has also backed away from all reality television. After nearly four years in the spotlight, Nikki is no longer a part of any television show.

How safe is body modification? ›

Are there complications and health risks associated with tattoos and body piercings? Tattooing can be associated with transmission of some bacterial infections and viral infections including Hepatitis B, C and HIV.

Do piercers use guns? ›

Commonly regulated separate from other piercing techniques, ear piercing guns are frequently used to pierce the ear lobe, outer ear, and other areas of the body despite their inability to meet the same sterilization requirements as other piercing methods.

How old is body modification? ›

Body modification has been in practice in many cultures around the world throughout history. The oldest known tattoos were discovered on the body of Otzi the Iceman, who lived more than 5,000 years ago.

Why is body modification illegal? ›

Additionally, some activities, such as female genital mutilation and sadomasochism that results in bodily harm, are recognized as neither socially useful nor morally acceptable, and therefore cannot be legalized by consent, even if the person is an adult.

How long do body tattoos last? ›

Tattoos last a lifetime, but there is a good chance you could find yourself getting a tattoo redone sooner or later. Almost from the moment that a tattoo is completed, it will start the slow process of aging. On a day-to-day basis we rarely notice this, then one day, years later, the tattoo might look a bit dull.

What is a tummy tuck tattoo? ›

Luckily, patients have discovered some creative ways to hide tummy tuck scars. One of these is through tattooing, which can be used to cover up tummy tuck scars and leave art in its place. Below, we'll share what you need to know about the so-called tummy tuck tattoo.

Can you remake a tattoo? ›

Re-Do Your Tattoo

Using the same design, re-drawn with needle and ink over the original, a re-done tattoo will not look exactly like the old one but may possess an intriguing three-dimensionality and depth stemming from the overlay of new, sharp lines of link over the old, blurry lines.

Can you camouflage a tattoo? ›

"For example, if your tattoo is blue, you must color conceal by applying orange concealer on top of the blue to help neutralize the tone," she says. "Orange will help cancel out the blue tone, so you can apply your foundation on top of that concealer and minimize seeing the tattoo through it."

Can I change my tattoo? ›

Tattoo Modification

The type of modification you choose will depend on the original tattoo. For example, tattoos with dark ink are harder to cover up (camouflage) and it may work better if they are embellished into a new design. Conversely, tattoos with very light colors could be successfully inked over.

Where is Pauly Unstoppable from? ›

Originally a small town boy from Whiteland, Indiana, Pauly... News Photo - Getty Images.

Does Pauly marry Nikki? ›

Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald are now officially divorced. The two, who were actually granted the divorce on Dec. 26, were married on July 14, 2011, and separated on Feb. 17, 2014.

Is Pauly D with Nicky? ›

'Jersey Shore' Cast Confirms Pauly D and Girlfriend Nikki Hall Are Still Together - IMDb.

Does Pauly D love Nikki? ›

It wasn't until Pauly decided to “revisit” his relationship with Nikki on season 2 of Double Shot at Love in 2020 that he knew their love was the real deal. “It's like, 'Alright, I'm done being ratchet,'” he explained.

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