Masters of Body Modification: Pauly Unstoppable (2024)

Unstoppable is exactly the name that you might think of when you lay eyes on a guy like Pauly Unstoppable. Even in the United States, it’s extremely rare to see someone who has multiple facial mods, especially at a regular job, but that’s exactly what Pauly is. A hairdresser by trade, celebrity is something that seems to have happened naturally to such a normal guy.

Originally from Canada and living in Indiana, Pauly is still in his twenties and is arguably considered the most modified person in the world. Often referred to as “the king of extreme body modification,” his mods include several piercings, multiple stretches, tattooing, an ocular tattoo (on the white of his eye), different types ofimplants, scarification, branding, nullification, tongue splitting, and several other things.

Oddly enough, the nickname “Unstoppable” is less a reference to his super mods, and more a confirmation of his super-human luck. Pauly has reportedly survived being hit by a car, shot, and even set on fire, and was once in a coma for over two weeks. And that’s not to mention having several painful modification procedures, and managing to overcome the stigma of his somewhat odd looks in favor of a creative and professional career. He’s also been credited as the first person ever to receive an eyeball tattoo. Talk about being truly unstoppable.

In recent years, Pauly has had his awesomely large stretched earlobes reconstructed, going from over 3 inches in diameter to an average shape. He’s also discontinued the stretching of hisnostril piercings, which had reportedly reached almost an inch and a half. He is still recognized often when out and about, and asked for photos or autographs.

Masters of Body Modification: Pauly Unstoppable (2024)


Who is Pauly Unstoppable? ›

Pauly Unstoppable is the king of extreme body modification, leading the field with new techniques and styles.

What nationality is DJ Pauly? ›

Paul Michael DelVecchio Jr.

(born July 5, 1980), known as Pauly D and DJ Pauly D, is an American television personality and DJ.

Who is Nikki in Jersey Shore? ›

Nikki Hall is a Jamaican-born realty star and social media influencer. She is best known for her appearance on Double Shot at Love where she met Jersey Shore star Pauly D. They have been dating since 2020. She is a supporting cast member on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Did Pauly D choose Nikki? ›

Despite hitting it off during the first season, Nikki and Pauly chose not to pursue a romantic relationship when filming ended. However, they reconnected while filming the second season and mutually decided to take things slow.

How did Pauly end up with Nikki? ›

How Did Nikki Hall and Pauly D Meet? Nikki and Pauly met on his and Vinny's reality dating show, Double Shot at Love. Though they decided not to pursue a relationship after the first season, they reconnected while filming the show's second season, and claimed they were going to take things slow.

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