Monticello Culver's Flavor Of The Day (2024)

1. Culver's of Monticello, MN - State Hwy 25 NE

  • To confirm soup availability, please give us a call. Tomorrow - Sunday, May 26. Flavor of the Day: Butter Pecan.

  • Learn what's being served up each day at your hometown Culver's.

2. Flavor of the Day | Today's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Specials - Culver's

3. Midnight Toffee | Flavor of the Day - Culver's

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  • Espresso-infused Dark Chocolate Fresh Frozen Custard topped with crunchy bits of Heath Bar and novelty chocolate.

4. | Flavor of the Day | Culver's

5. Culver's - Facebook

  • Culver's, Monticello. 223 likes · 4 talking about this · 1351 were here. Culver's® is a family-favorite restaurant known for ButterBurgers and Fresh...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

6. Culver's of Buffalo, MN - Hwy 55 E

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  • Learn what's being served up each day at your hometown Culver's.

7. Hearty Soups | Potato, Vegetable, Tomato & More - Culver's

  • Flavor of the Day · Locations · About · Gift Cards · Careers · MyCulver'sSign In ... Soup availability is special to each restaurant and made fresh daily – so ...

  • Culver's hearty soups are ladled with love, just like grandma would. Offering tomato, creamy potato, broccoli cheddar and more! View all soup options now.

8. Culver's - Payson, Arizona - Gil's Thrilling (And Filling) Blog

  • 21 dec 2022 · Culver's – Payson, Arizona. Gil Garduno December 21 ... The “flavor of the day” includes several ... Aceto Balsamico of Monticello (New Mexico) ...

  • In the summer of 2022, two of my sisters spent a nearly three weeks in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. They visited the breathtaking snow-capped mountains of the Alps and took Europe’s highest cable car to the top of the Matterhorn.  They walked in picturesque villages reminiscent of your favorite fairy-tale as well as medieval towns resplendent with covered bridges, waterfront promenades, historic buildings replete with frescoes painted by the masters, and sun-drenched plazas with bubbling fountains.  Naturally, my questions about their vacation were centered on cuisine.  Dolores, one of my sisters, recalled most fondly the bread and butter served with every meal on their excursion.  She’s a Garduño after my own heart. During our years in Europe, my Kim and I were…

Monticello Culver's Flavor Of The Day (2024)


Can you get the flavor of the day in a concrete mixer? ›

Choose a Concrete Mixer® or Sundae, with your choice of 2 Mix-ins or Toppings included. Add more for an additional charge. Choose Vanilla, Chocolate or Flavor of the Day with your choice of 2 Mix-ins included.

How many Culver's locations are there? ›

The burger chain was founded in Sauk City, Wisconsin in 1984 by George, Ruth, Craig and Lea Culver. The chain currently has more than 900 family-owned and operated franchises across 26 states, according to its website.

Who owns Culver's? ›

The 965-unit chain, based out of Prairie du Sac, Wisc., has been family-owned since the first store opened in 1984. with their son and his wife, Craig and Lea. In 2017, Culver's sold a minority interest to Atlanta-based private equity group Roark Capital, though the family still retains the majority share.

How now is the brown cow at Culver's? ›

And How Now, Brown Cow is actually our chocolate fresh frozen custard infused with our signature Culver's root beer and swirled in with dove chocolate and chocolate cake pieces. So definitely delicious,” said Demmer. Learn more about Culver's Scoops of Thanks Day here.

Can concrete mix go bad? ›

Why does concrete mix expire? Even if your concrete mix has been kept largely dry, the cement it is made of still reacts to humidity and moisture in the air – not just water and dampness – and over time it loses its strength.

How long can you leave cement in a mixer? ›

For ready mix concrete, it is generally required that the transportation time in a mixer truck is no longer than 90 minutes, and if transit by a dump truck, the time should be less than 45 minutes. Thus we can basically conclude the fresher the concrete, the better it is for your project.

Who is Culver's biggest competitor? ›

Culver's main competitors are Chipotle Mexican Grill, Papa Murphy's, and Darden Restaurants. Competitor Summary. See how Culver's compares to its main competitors: McDonald's has the most employees (210,000).

Where is the oldest culvers? ›

In 1984, Craig and Lea Culver, along with Craig's parents George and Ruth, opened the very first Culver's in the family's beloved hometown of Sauk City, Wisconsin, and began serving ButterBurgers® and Frozen Custard.

Which state has the most Culver's? ›

Wisconsin has the most Culver's in the country.

With 146 stores, the Badger State is home to 16% of all US locations, or put another way: one store for every 40,000 people!

What is the Culver's scandal? ›

MINNEAPOLIS – R & G Endeavors, Inc., a fast-food franchisee doing business as Culver's Restaurants of Cottage Grove, violated federal law when it subjected employees to a hostile work environment based on race, sex, sexual orientation, and disability, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charged in ...

Does John Mayer own Culvers? ›

The Green Bay-area Culver's franchise owners are Mary and Conroy Soik and Dianne and John Mayer.

How much is it to franchise a Culvers? ›

What is the initial franchise fee? Each new franchisee currently pays an individual franchise fee of $55,000 to acquire a Culver's franchise for the basic 15-year term of the franchise agreement. If you qualify, you may renew for an additional 10 years for an individual franchise fee of $30,000.

Does Culvers use real beef? ›

As Craig Culver always says, "We never compromise on quality." It's a promise that begins with sourcing the best ingredients and continues through to the way we prepare your meal: fresh, just for you. It's why we always use fresh, never frozen beef and whole, white meat chicken from America's family farms.

How does Culver's cook their hamburgers? ›

Culver's uses fresh, never frozen beef, and the pressing and searing technique locks in the juices and therefore the flavor. Pressing the beef also ensures it is the right thickness to cook evenly on the grill. "That's where that great steak flavor comes from." The beef is seasoned with a salt and pepper mixture.

What is the optimum time of concrete mixing? ›

Turn the mixer on and add the dry mix into the mixer. Allow the concrete to mix for about a minute and then add the remaining water as necessary. Mix the concrete for about 3-5 minutes, until a uniform, workable consistency is achieved. If additional water is needed, add small amounts of water sparingly.

How much concrete can a mixer make in a day? ›

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