What is this code * 901 * 14 for in Access Bank? (2024)

What is this code * 901 * 14 for in Access Bank?

With our new Dual Card service, getting credit is NO. PROBLEM at all. Simply dial *901*14# to activate your. existing debit card to access the credit.

What is Access Bank code?

To initiate a transfer using the Access Bank transfer code, dial *901# on your mobile phone. Make sure you are using the phone number that is registered with your Access Bank account. After dialing *901#, a list of options will appear on your screen.

What is * 901 * 11 in Access Bank?

This is where PayDay Loan comes in and you can get access to an instant loan by dialing *901*11*1# or via Internet Banking, WhatsApp Banking, Access Mobile App and QuickBucks App.

What is the code for Access Bank instant loan?

You can get access to an instant loan by dialing *901*11#, *426*11# or via Internet Banking, WhatsApp Banking, Access Mobile App and QuickBucks App. 24/7 service which does not require visits to the bank and application is done conveniently via *901*11#, *426#, QuickBucks App, Internet Banking, Mobile App.

What is the code to check Access Bank balance?

The Access bank code to check your account balance is *901*00#. Upon dialing this code, you'll be prompted to enter your Access bank mobile banking PIN, then after that, a pop up containing the amount you have left in your account will be displayed on your screen.

Why is * 901 not working on my phone?

Double-check the code you're dialing to ensure it matches the intended transaction. Remember, Access Bank USSD Code is *901# which must be typed exactly like that! Account Limitations: Sometimes, your account may have transaction limits in place. If you exceed these limits, your USSD transactions might not go through.

What is the code to borrow money from flow?

Yes, all FLOW prepaid subscribers can request a loan through the USSD menu by dialing *536# or using Flow App. Only when there is an outstanding loan subscriber can't request a new loan.

How can I borrow some money?

  1. Banks.
  2. Credit Unions.
  3. Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2P)
  4. 401(k) Plans.
  5. Credit Cards.
  6. Margin Accounts.
  7. Public Agencies.
  8. Finance Companies.

What is an easy access loan?

Easy access credit refers to very short-term and usually very high interest loans. It's a fancy way of saying payday loans, pawn shop transactions, or title loans.

How do I use Access Bank * 901?

Just dial *901*Amount# (e.g: *901*1000#) on your phone, wait for the success message and start making calls. To buy airtime for friends or family members, simply dial *901*Amount*Phone Number#. To buy airtime for friends or family members, simply dial *901*Amount*Phone Number#.

What is the transfer code of access?

Access Bank Transfer Code
TransactionsTransfer Codes
Fund Transfer to Access Bank Account*901*1*Amount*Account Number#
Fund Transfer to Other Banks*901*2*Amount*Account Number#
Oct 3, 2023

Which bank code is * 901?

Access Bank - Did you know that with the *901# direct codes, you can perform various transactions easily👌 Dial *901# now!

How do I transfer money using * 901?

*901# is the code to transfer money from Access Bank. To transfer cash to other banks: Dial *901*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number# (e.g *901*1000*1234512345#) from your phone. Authenticate using a four (4) digit security code. You can create a security code using the Menu option.

Which bank uses * 901 in Nigeria?

List of Nigerian Banks' USSD Shortcodes
Access Bank*901#
Union Bank*826#
Unity Bank*7799#
Wema Bank*945#
12 more rows

How do I register for * 901?

Follow these easy steps to register and create a PIN,
  1. Dial *901#
  2. Select any service, for instance, transfer.
  3. Enter Account number.
  4. Enter Date of Birth in the format shown (DDMMYYYY)
  5. Create PIN, then submit OR.
  6. Dial *901*0#
  7. Enter Date of Birth in the format shown (DDMMYYYY)
  8. Create PIN, then submit.

How to borrow instant money?

Common types of quick cash loans include payday loans, pawn shop loans, and car title loans. Before opting for one of these instant loans, it's wise to explore lower risk options. Considerations: While quick cash loans give you speedy and easy access to cash, they come with high interest rates and hidden fees.

How do I borrow money from Quickcash?

Applying for a Quickcash online cash loan only takes 3 simple steps:
  1. Select the amount you want to apply for and fill in our quick application form. ...
  2. We'll verify your information and outline the terms of your loan, which you can e-sign online.
  3. Once you've e-signed your online loan offer, we'll do a few final checks.

How to use ATM to borrow money?

Credit card cash advances are another fast way to borrow money. Simply visit an ATM, swipe your card, enter your PIN and you have cash in hand. It's much like taking money out of your bank account with your debit card. However, unlike your debit card, credit card cash advances come at a high cost.

What is the easiest loan to get immediately?

Some of the easiest loans to get approved for if you have bad credit include payday loans, no-credit-check loans, and pawnshop loans. Personal loans with essentially no approval requirements typically charge the highest interest rates and loan fees.

What app will let me borrow money instantly?

7 cash advance apps for borrowing money
AppLoan amountsFastest funding available/fee
BrigitUp to $250Instant, $0.99 – $3.99
MoneylionUp to $500Instant, $0.49 – $8.99
ChimeUp to $200 in overdraft protectionReceive paycheck up to 2 days early, no fee
AlbertUp to $250Instant, unspecified fee
3 more rows
5 days ago

How do you unlock a borrow on cash App?

Open Cash App and look for the “Borrow” option. If you see it, you're eligible. Otherwise, the feature might not be rolled out to your account yet. If you haven't used Borrow before, tap “Borrow” and then “Unlock.” Cash App will ask for your consent to link your bank account and review your eligibility.

Does Access Bank give a loan?

You may already qualify for an instant business loan of up to ₦10 million! Are you a business owner with an Access Bank business account? You may already qualify for an instant business loan of up to ₦10 million! Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Which bank gives instant personal loan?

The Loan approval process at ICICI Bank is simple, quick and instant. Once a customer's Personal Loan is approved, it takes only 3 seconds for the amount to be disbursed into your Account.

What is access agent loan?

It is an instant digital loan product which is targeted at Access CLOSA Agents to bridge liquidity and funding gaps.

How do I transfer money from USSD code?

How to Transfer Money Using USSD Code in 1 Minute
  1. Step 1: Dial the USSD Code. ...
  2. Step 2: Select the “Transfer” Option. ...
  3. Step 3: Enter the Recipient's Account Number. ...
  4. Step 4: Input the Transfer Amount. ...
  5. Step 5: Confirm the Transaction. ...
  6. Step 6: Enter Your PIN. ...
  7. Step 7: Transaction Successful. ...
  8. Conclusion.
Sep 11, 2023


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