What companies does Bill Gates have shares in? (2024)

What companies does Bill Gates have shares in?

He owns a significant stake in many companies through The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and personal investment firm Cascade Investment. Bill Gates is most commonly associated with Microsoft, but the founder sold most of his Microsoft shares after stepping down as CEO in 2000.

What company is most associated with Bill Gates?

He owns a significant stake in many companies through The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and personal investment firm Cascade Investment. Bill Gates is most commonly associated with Microsoft, but the founder sold most of his Microsoft shares after stepping down as CEO in 2000.

How much does Bill Gates have in stocks?

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust has a whopping $39 billion invested in the stock market, and a vast majority of those funds are in just a few stocks. Some of that is because of donations, but the fund is also buying some interesting industrial stocks.

What stocks do Bill and Melinda Gates own?

Actual Assets Under Management (AUM) is this value plus cash (which is not disclosed). Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trusts top holdings are Microsoft Corporation (US:MSFT) , Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (US:BRK.B) , Canadian National Railway Company (US:CNI) , Waste Management, Inc. (US:WM) , and Caterpillar Inc.

Does Bill Gates own Kraft Heinz?

Bill Gates' Stake Value: $88,224,264

At the end of Q3 2023, The Gates Foundation owned over 2.6 million shares in The Kraft Heinz Company (NASDAQ:KHC), worth over $88.2 million. The company represented 0.22% of the firm's 13F portfolios.

Does Bill Gates own John Deere stock?

Microsoft Corp (MSFT. O) co-founder Bill Gates' investment vehicle Cascade Investment LLC has become the largest shareholder in farm machinery maker Deere & Co (DE. N), with a 5% stake, according to a regulatory filing.

Does Bill Gates own UPS?

A second stock that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett both have stakes in is supply chain company United Parcel Service (NYSE: UPS), which is much better known as "UPS." The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation held 740,689 shares of UPS as of the end of June, while the Oracle of Omaha's Berkshire Hathaway owned a 59,400- ...

How much gold does Bill Gates own?

As of September 2021, Gates' net worth is estimated to be around $125 billion. If his fortune were converted to gold, he would have approximately 2,500 metric tons of the metal. That's equivalent to about two Olympic-sized swimming pools filled with gold.

What biotech company has Bill Gates invested in?

Ginkgo Bioworks Is Now a Unicorn

In 2014, Ginkgo was the first biotech company to ever be accepted by Y Combinator—a now renown Silicon Valley venture capital “seed accelerator.” Since then, Ginkgo has raised $429 million, which includes $275 million in funding from Bill Gates' Cascade Investment and others.

Who is the richest stock person?

Warren Edward Buffett (/ˈbʌfɪt/ BUF-it; born August 30, 1930) is an American businessman, investor, and philanthropist who currently serves as the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

Who has the richest stock?

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (BRK. A) commands the No. 1 position, with an impressive stock price of over half a million dollars.

What is Bill Gates investment company?

Cascade Investment
Company typePrivate
HeadquartersKirkland, Washington , United States
Key peopleBill Gates (Chairman) Michael Larson (CIO)
Total assetsUS$70 billion (2021)
OwnerBill Gates
5 more rows

What companies are founded by Bill Gates?

Later in his career and since leaving day-to-day operations at Microsoft in 2008, Gates has pursued other business and philanthropic endeavors. He is the founder and chairman of several companies, including BEN, Cascade Investment, TerraPower, bgC3, and Breakthrough Energy.

Does Bill Gates own Caterpillar?

Bill Gates Caterpillar Inc.

Bill Gates acquired 7.35 Million Caterpillar shares worth $2.33 Billion. That's 4.95% of their equity portfolio (5th largest holding). The investor owns 1.42% of the outstanding Caterpillar stock. The first Caterpillar trade was made in Q4 2005.

What does Mark Zuckerberg invest in?

Mark Zuckerberg Made Around $9.6 Million Per Hour Or $230.6 Million Per Day In 2023 — His Major Investments Include A 30-Bedroom/Bathroom Compound And Beer-Drinking Wagyu Cattle. Meta Platforms Inc.

Does Bill Gates own Costco?

Bill Gates Costco Wholesale Corp

The first Costco Wholesale trade was made in Q3 2002. Since then Bill Gates bought shares ten more times and sold shares on four occasions. The investor sold all their shares in Q4 2012 and doesn't own any shares in Costco Wholesale anymore.

Who owns Heinz ketchup?

On March 25, 2015, Kraft announced its merger with Heinz, arranged by Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital. The resulting Kraft Heinz Company is the fifth largest food company in the world. Berkshire Hathaway became a majority owner of Heinz on June 18, 2015.

How many shares does Bill Gates have in Berkshire Hathaway?

The third-largest holding is Waste Management with over 18.6 million shares valued at $3.1 billion. Berkshire Hathaway is the fourth-largest holding with approximately 22.5 million shares for a total value of $8 billion. The Gates Foundation holds more than 9.2 million shares in its fifth-largest holding, Coupang.

Who owns the most US farmland?

Canada remains the largest foreign investor, accounting for 32% of the acres, much of which are forest in Maine. China's holdings, a primary concern of lawmakers who want to restrict foreign ownership of farms, account for less than 1% of foreign-owned acres at 350,000, a slight decrease from 2021.

Who owns most Deere stock?

Largest shareholders include Vanguard Group Inc, BlackRock Inc., Jpmorgan Chase & Co, State Street Corp, VTSMX - Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Investor Shares, VFINX - Vanguard 500 Index Fund Investor Shares, Wellington Management Group Llp, Morgan Stanley, Geode Capital Management, Llc, and Bank Of America ...

Who is Microsoft's biggest shareholder?

Who owns the most shares of Microsoft (MSFT)? Vanguard owns the most shares of Microsoft (MSFT).

Does Bill Gates own part of Amazon?

According to an article in The Seattle Times, Gates invested $250,000 in Amazon in 1995, when the company was just starting out and had no revenue. This investment reportedly gave Gates a 3% ownership stake in the company.

Does Bill Gates own a trucking company?

Convoy is a Seattle-based trucking startup whose investors include Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. Started in 2015, Convoy is an online platform that connects truck drivers with freight companies. The aim was to prevent trucks from driving “empty miles” without loads.

What does Bill Gates still own?

Bill Gates still owns more than 1% of Microsoft's shares, worth around twenty billion dollars. Gates has a lot of his financial investments held by a family office known as Cascade Investments. He also has substantial real estate holdings and an extensive collection of collectibles.

Who owns the most gold privately in world?

Who Owns the Most Gold Privately?
  • John Paulson. John Paulson is an American hedge fund manager and billionaire famous for having one of the biggest privately owned gold reserves in the world. ...
  • Ray Dalio. ...
  • Indian Families. ...
  • Stanley Druckenmiller. ...
  • Eric Sprott. ...
  • The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. ...
  • Peter Schiff. ...
  • James Rickards.
Mar 21, 2023


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