How do I get Zenith Bank OTP? (2024)

How do I get Zenith Bank OTP?

Once registered, the user logs on to Mobile banking App with “Account Number” and “Password”. Step 2: Select OTP, Step 3: Create and confirm Password (six digits), next Create and Confirm Mobile PIN (four digits) Click on Submit (Operation Successful) Next, enter the OTP received via SMS.

How can I get OTP code for Zenith Bank?

Zenith Bank Internet Banking

Log in to Zenith Bank Internet Banking. Click on “Other Services” and select “Generate Token.” Enter your account number and click “Submit.” Zenith Bank will send the token code to your registered mobile number.

How do I get Zenith e token online?

  1. Search for Zenith e-Token App on play store or the app store and download the e-Token App.
  2. Activate the App using the activation details stated below. Register as an Individual. ❑ Select Activation Method. o Hardware Token: Account Number + 4-digit Server PIN and Hardware.

How can I get my Zenith bank account number by SMS?

Simply dial the USSD *966*0# and follow the onscreen prompts. An account number will be created automatically and sent to you via SMS.

How do I know my token code?

Dial *737*7# Enter your USSD transaction PIN to receive your token code Token code is immediately displayed.

How can I get my OTP online?

To get an OTP code, a user typically needs to enter their phone number or email address when prompted by the service they are trying to access. The service will then generate a code and send it to the user's device. Depending on the service, the code may be sent via SMS, email, or even an in-app notification.

What is the USSD code for Zenith Bank?

Zenith Bank USSD codes

To check your account balance, simply dial *966*00#. For airtime top-up, use *966*Amount*Mobile Number#. For mobile transfers, dial *966*Amount*Recipient's Account Number#.

What is the code for Zenith Bank?

Make payments, check your account balance and more with *966# EazyBanking #966EazyBanking #ZenithBank | By Zenith Bank PlcFacebook.

How do I activate my Zenith bank transfer code?

How To Activate Zenith Bank Transfer Code. Note: you can only activate your Zenith Bank USSD code when you have a debit card. If you to activate your zenith bank code, you need to go to the bank to request a Visa card, Mastercard, and Verve card. Simply dial *966*00# to the number you use to open a Zenith bank account.

How do I activate my Zenith Bank account without going to the bank?

You may also dial *966*0# on your alert phone number and select the 'Reactivate Dormant Account' option, to reactivate your dormant account or visit the nearest Zenith Bank branch.

How do I access my Zenith Bank account?

*966# USSD Banking is a convenient, fast, and secure way to access your bank account and perform banking transactions via your non-smartphone without internet connectivity.

Can I receive OTP via email?

The Email OTP method enables you to authenticate using the one-time password (OTP) that is sent to the registered email address. When you try to authenticate on any device, the server sends an email to the registered email address with the OTP. You can use this OTP for single authentication within a short time frame.

How to generate OTP by SMS?

User enters their phone number into your application form. OTP API generate PIN code and send SMS to the phone number that your user entered in the previous step. User then takes the four-digit passcode and enters it into you application form. OTP API verifies the PIN code and returns VERIFIED, FAILED, EXPIRED status.

How do I get OTP when abroad?

OTP Delivery Methods
  1. SMS-based OTPs. While SMS remains a widespread medium for OTP delivery, international travelers often encounter challenges. ...
  2. Email-based OTPs. ...
  3. Authenticator Apps. ...
  4. Notify Your Service Provider. ...
  5. Check Roaming Services. ...
  6. Set Up an Authenticator App. ...
  7. Backup Email Access. ...
  8. Virtual Numbers.
Aug 15, 2023

How do I log into my Zenith Bank account online?

Internet Banking User

You will be asked to enter your PIN + TOKEN (For authentication). Once successful, the next page you will see is the LOGIN PAGE. To begin using the service, enter your account number registered and your password created during registration.

Why can't I log into my Zenith mobile app?

Solutions to Fix Zenith Bank Mobile App Issues

Keeping the app up to date can resolve many issues. Ensure your internet connection is strong and stable. Try switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data to see if there's an improvement. Check if your device's operating system meets the app's requirements.

What is the maximum amount for Zenith Bank savings account?

Your phone number is your account number. No identity card, utility bill or reference requirements. Maximum daily account balance limit of N300,000 and withdrawals in multiples of N20,000. Cardless withdrawals at ATMs and Zenith Agent locations.

Can I block my BVN and get a new one?

Once enrolled, you can not deactivate your BVN. BVN is a biometric system introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria to reduce fraud. However, it is not possible to deactivate it.

What is the swift code for Zenith Bank Nigeria?


How do I get my Zenith Bank token from USSD?

How to generate Zenith Bank Token using USSD
  1. Dial *966# on your registered mobile number.
  2. Select “8” for “Next Page” and then select “6” for “PIN and Token Request”.
  3. Select “1” for “Generate PIN + Token” and follow the prompts to complete the process.
Mar 3, 2024

Can Zenith Bank do international transfer?

The company offers an online money transfer service that provides international remittance services to expatriates and migrant workers. Your loved ones can send you money online and you can receive directly to your bank account.

Can I activate my account without going to the bank?

Activate your account online.

If your bank allows and you prefer, you can activate your online bank account online. If your bank does allow this, you'll either need to create a username or use one provided by your bank (an account number, for instance) you created along with a password.

How can I activate mobile banking without bank?

Under Mobile Banking, choose the option 'Registration', enter your mobile number and choose „Yes‟. When the number is displayed again over the ATM screen, choose „confirm‟ and collect the transaction slip confirming the registration. You will receive a SMS regarding activation of your account.

Can I activate online banking online?

Go to the bank's website. Click on the 'login' or 'register' button. Enter required account information, such as the account number, mobile number, branch code, and CIF number. Click the 'submit' button.

What is the name of Zenith Bank mobile app?

Zenith Bank eToken

A free app for Android, by Zenith Bank.


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