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Real Estate

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Swedish college dropout Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg AKA PewDiePie was an unlikely hero in the YouTube world. From running humble gameplay walkthrough videos ofAmnesia: The Dark Descent, Felix emerged as a YouTube titan, amassing 111 million subscribers and a $40 million net worth.

At only 33, the digital whizz has shown us the new-school track to fame by making us laugh with YouTube videos. He's got over a hundred million loyal followers, making him one of therichest YouTubers on the planet.

PewDiePie's leap from just another YouTuber to a brand powerhouse is mind-blowing. His merch sales are off the charts, fetching over $6.8 million in revenue.

A sneak peek into his life feels like popping open a treasure chest brimming with luxury cars, swanky pads, and a merch business raking in cash. Ready to crunch some numbers and track every dollar he's made?

Pewds isn’t just about playing games—he changed the rules. Let’s tour the life of a regular Joe who shook up the gaming world with his let’s plays.

PewDiePie net worth at a glance

Net worth

$40 million


October 24, 1989


Swede born in Gothenburg, Sweden

Became a millionaire at



YouTuber and entrepreneur

Sources of wealth

YouTube ad revenue, endorsem*nts, G FUEL, REIZE, and PewDiePie Productions

Asset classes

Real estate, merch, stocks, books, and luxury cars

Early life and education

Felix Kjellberg was just an average Swedish dude with mad love for video games. Born in Gothenburg on October 24, 1989, this guy practically lived his life at home playing video games.

He decided to go study at Chalmers University of Technology studying Economics and Technology, but sitting in a classroom for “learning”wasn't his jam. His heart belonged to video games. So, in 2011, he bailed from university to rejoin the virtual world.

Pewds even hustled as a hotdog slinger just to chase his dream. Then came PewDiePie, his YouTube gaming channel where he spooked his viewers with bone-chilling horror games.

Ditching school was beginning to look like a good call. Pewds YouTube channel blew up, gaining one million subscribers in just two years—a loud, thrilling start to Felix's incredible ride.

Feeling curious about PewDiePie's fortune? Let's break it down—the major cash comes from his YouTube gig and merch sales. His other earnings? They come from endorsing brands, developing games, and selling books. These all come into play regarding PewDiePie's net worth.

PewDiePie became the king of YouTube by posting videos of him playing video games on his channel. But YouTube wasn’t his only cash cow. He's also racked up the bucks with killer merch and epic partnerships. Take a sip of his thrilling collab with G FUEL, anyone?

PewDiePie’s YouTube channel

PewDiePie is an online storm. He cracked the internet’s code and turned gaming into big bucks. Starting on YouTube, he didn't just conquer it—he owned it. This Swede's got style and hisLet's Play videos made him major coin through ads.

Felix is a gaming rock star with a global fan base. More than 111 million subscribers watch his wacky gaming antics and they can't get enough of his jokes and commentary. YouTube isn't just his platform, it’s his gold mine.

The PewDiePie YouTube channel has amassed over 111 million subscribers since 2010.

As a clever strategist, PewDiePie saw a lucrative opportunity in merch and he made it happen. With his massive fan base on board, he launched his brand. Now, he's not just making viral videos, he's making a fortune.


PewDiePie hit the jackpot again with G FUEL—an American energy drink brand—and even dropped a hot video spilling the beans. At first, Pewds was a bit on the fence, but he quickly got hooked. And he went wild over some wicked flavors, especially Keemstar's Cotton Candy.

G FUEL went all out and unveiled the PewDiePie drink packed with 150mg of caffeine per serving. It joined the star-studded squad featuring internet big-shots likeDr DisRespect and Keemstar. A major win for both G FUEL and PewDiePie.

Cliff Morgan, the big boss of G FUEL, brought this deal to light. He cleverly hinted at the epic showdown between PewDiePie and T-Series. What’s wicked is that this collab came right after Dr DisRespect's signatureBlack on Blackberry G FUEL flavor hit the market in September 2018.

PewDiePie has been raking in cash big time. In August 2019, was reportedly making over $6.8 million in monthly revenue from merch sales. Now that's what we call a merch mogul. By successfully launching his merch store and marketing it through his content, PewDiePie illustrates how to make smart money moves that build off of each other.

How PewDiePie invests his money

PewDiePie might be all jokes and memes, but his finances are no laughing matter. His smart investments mean serious business. Wall Street bigwigs? They'd tip their hats in respect. Let's dig a bit deeper into what PewDiePie does with his money.


PewDiePie's leap from an average YouTuber to a powerhouse brand is mind-blowing. His merch sales are off the charts, raking in millions. Outfits? Check. Accessories? Got it. Collectibles? Absolutely. Each piece with its iconic flair and spark.

His Brofist tees are push-you-out-of-the-way popular—a real riot among his Bro Army, a name his loyal fans proudly wear. Then there’s the G FUEL shaker cup—released in partnership with the famous energy drink brand, it’s a certified hit. Just like his 50 Mill Club merch that set the internet ablaze celebrating his 50 million subscribers milestone.

And don’t even get us started on his PewDiePie figurines. Crafted from vinyl, they capture PewDiePie in all his glory, one iconic pose at a time. They're the ultimate memorabilia must-haves for fans. All in all, PewDiePie's merch empire is one hell of a success story you can’t afford to overlook.

Video games

PewDiePie is funny, charming, and crazy about games. That passion drove him to make his own game calledPewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist. And it was a hit—an 8-bit sensation if you will.

Released in 2015, Legend of the Brofist is a playful narcissistic nod to PewDiePie's internet-fuelled persona. The game is a brilliant blend of old-school 2D action, humor, and PewDiePie's recognizable brand of absurdity.

ThePewDiePie game is chock full of allusions to gaming and YouTube. The Guardian rated it four stars, praising its deep understanding of gaming history. The game made over $100,000 on its U.S. launch day.

YouTube star PewDiePie won hearts with his charm and zest. His followers, affectionately known as the Bro Army, swear by him. His game, however, takes his creativity and influence to a whole new level. It’s filled with memes drawing inspiration from his online antics, inside jokes, and iconic fellow YouTubers, making it an integrated part of the expanded PewDiePie universe.

Stepping into PewDiePie’s shoes, players battle demonic barrels and hoard Brocoins while gallivanting through various perilous scenarios. It's a wild interactive roller-coaster that effectively captures the spirit of PewDiePie's online presence.

What setsLegend of the Brofist apart from other 2D platformers is its vivid homeliness. The game packs an undeniable sense of authenticity with clear signs of PewDiePie's involvement in its creation. It's more than just a game—it's an experience, an invitation into PewDiePie's interactive realm with the creator himself acting as a guide.

Stocks and bonds

Is Pewds stackinggold bars like a modern Scrooge McDuck? Nope. PewDiePie's investments are scattered. Some are in stocks, some are in bonds, but the details are hush-hush. Felix isn’t a spender because he hates clutter.

Felix runs four or five companies split between the U.K. and Sweden. Like his gaming enemies, Felix intelligently vanquishes financial uncertainties by diversifying his income streams.

Real estate

With a hefty net worth and the eighth-most subscribed YouTube channel, you might expect web sensation Felix Kjellberg to have a garage bursting with Lamborghinis and a swimming pool filled with liquid gold. Yet, much to anyone’s surprise, Felix parades a minimalist lifestyle that would make a monk nod in approval.

He owns a classic house in Brighton, England, and an apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. There's some murmur about time spent living in LA, but Mom's the word on that one. In 2016, Felix splurged on a grand $4.9 million pad in the glitzy Hollywood Hills.

Fast forward to 2021, Felix and his better half, Marzia, set their sails to the Land of the Rising Sun: Japan. Whether they bought or rented is still a mystery. This move seemed less driven by business and more by personal reasons. Around this time, Felix took a step back from YouTube and toned down his online presence—a semi-retirement of sorts.

What's clear is PewDiePie's cash from his YouTube fame has opened doors to some fabreal estate around the world.

PewDiePie is a big deal, not just to gamers but to just about anyone on YouTube. And if his channel is any indication, he's not one to just play by the rules. He's got his own game going on in thereal estate market, too.

From England to Japan, Felix and his Italian wife Marzia say one thing: Felix has an eye for quality real estate. They flaunt a slick crib in the heart of Brighton that's as dazzling as Felix's YouTube career. They chose to settle on a spot in Japan because they're big on the country’s culture.

Their experience living in a Japanese home wasn't all roses; some crooks broke in in December 2019 and made off with some of Marzia's things. The couple was upset, but didn't let that dampen their spirits. They bounced back, quick to show their resilience.


PewDiePie's car collection is a head-turner. Fans dig how this Swedish YouTuber mixes it up. Let's kick things off with PewDiePie's Nissan Micra.

No fuss, just a reliable Japanese auto priced at a sweet $14,000. It neatly wraps style and function into an accessible package. Under that unassuming exterior, it's got a pretty sturdy engine pumping out 109 horsepower and 107 pound-feet of peak torque. It's simple, efficient, smart, and gets the job done.

Let’s Play Money

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PewDiePie's Mini Convertible is a showpiece in slick black paint, which he snagged for around $31,000. This stylish little number harbors a gutsy 1.6-L turbo-petrol engine. We're talking 182 horsepower, with the ability to clock zero to sixty in 7.2 seconds. Compact, with a pep in its step—just what you'd expect from this YouTube megastar.

Pewds’s Volvo XC90 SUV exemplifies his no-compromise taste for trips and treks. This bad boy is a domesticated luxury with a price tag to match, standing tall at about $87,000. The XC90's heart, a turbocharged inline-4 beast yields an impressive 313 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of peak torque—size, comfort, and power in one luxurious package.

But brace yourselves because next is PewDiePie’s Porsche 911. The finest German Engineering for the best Swedish YouTuber. The $114,000 monster has stood the test of time. It's powered by a masculine 3.0-L twin-turbocharged engine, giving a 473 horsepower punch and 420 pound-feet of peak torque: a beast on wheels.

PewDiePie's car collection includes a Nissan Micra, Mini Convertible, Volvo XC90, Porsche 911, and a Ferrari 488 GTB.

PewDiePie's Ferrari 488 GTB—the crowning glory worth $334,000. It's fitted with a Turbocharged V8 engine that delivers a blistering 661 horsepower and 761 newton meters of torque. Everybody wants a slice of that high-speed life. Pure class, pure thrill. Nothing beats that, yeah?

PewDiePie's car collection reveals the elegant tastes of the Swedish YouTuber. These cars as unique as the man himself, with hardly a blemish in sight. The love for the road doesn't come cheap, but for PewDiePie, it's worth every penny.


Pewds inked a deal that gave birth to his bookThis Book Loves You, a charming compilation overflowing with his quirky quotes and humor.

Filled with inspiration and advice, the book reflects his unique take on life and success. It's a delightful extension of Felix’s persona, wrapped in pages that’ll never fail to inspire, entertain, and captivate a wide audience's imagination.

PewDiePie Productions

Let's talk about the center of PewDiePie's world: PewDiePie Productions. Born digital, the company’s role is far from ordinary. This setup forms the essence of our Swedish star's online realm, pulling in serious revenue from YouTube and more.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg uses PewDiePie Productions to manage both his famous YouTuber life and mixed bag of investments. The Stockholm-based company lets our techie cowboy call all the shots. So, even as YouTube takes its cut, PewDiePie Productions makes sure every single buck backs Felix's rule of the internet.

PewDiePie investing quotes

1. Reject the status quo

2. Start today

3. Be patient and consistent

Now we bow out from the spirited adventure of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, the Swedish native turned world's favorite YouTuber, PewDiePie. With his quirky charm and gaming genius, he ditched the lecture halls of Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden, transforming his gamer dreams into a pixelated reality.

Commandeering millions of subscribers, PewDiePie reigned supreme on YouTube, serving up generously amusing vlogs and play videos. His truly unconventional venture didn't stop there. PewDiePie’s winning spree included video merchandising, lavish brand collaborations, and establishing himself as a sought-after author.

From January to December, Felix was always on the move. Bringing in an impressive estimated income from various sources, PewDiePie's net worth now sparkles like a gaming gold mine.

Felix's dramatic leap from Gothenburg native to global internet sensation illustrates the profound magic that passion and determination can weave. Here's to the indomitable spirit of gaming and to PewDiePie—a dazzling unicorn of the YouTube universe.

PewDiePie Net Worth: How Rich is Felix Kjellberg? - MoneyMade (2024)
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