Bringing pets to Great Britain (2024)

You must follow certain rules to bring your pet to Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland).

You may need a certificate or licence.

There’s different guidance:

You can bring up to 5 pets to Great Britain. This can include:

  • dogs
  • cats
  • ferrets
  • rodents
  • rabbits
  • birds
  • reptiles, such as lizards or snakes
  • amphibians, such as frogs or salamanders
  • invertebrates, such as snails, insects or crabs - except bees
  • fish that you keep in a tank or aquarium

If you’re bringing more than 5 pets to Great Britain, you must follow extra rules.

You cannot bring your pet if it’s an invasive species, for example terrapins. Check the rules for invasive species in England or Wales or invasive species in Scotland.

Rules for bringing your pet

The rules depend on whether you’re travelling from:

Check if you need to follow extra rules

You must follow extra rules if any of the following apply:

  • you’re going to sell, rehome or transfer the ownership of the animal
  • your pet is arriving more than 5 days before or after you arrive
  • you’re bringing more than 5 animals
  • your pet is not native to Great Britain
  • your pet is a wild, dangerous or exotic animal
  • your pet is an endangered species

When you do not need a licence or certificate

You do not need a licence or any certificates to bring pets to Great Britain from:

  • Northern Ireland
  • Jersey
  • Guernsey
  • the Isle of Man

How to get help

Find out how to get help if you’re not sure about the rules for your pet.

Bringing pets to Great Britain (2024)
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