About the District Attorney's Office (2024)





  1. About the Office

    The District Attorney is an independently elected official, with powers and duties outlined in the New York State County Law.

  2. Annual Reports

    View annual reports dating back to 2014.

  3. District Attorney Hoovler's Biography

    Read District Attorney Hoovler's biography.

  4. District Attorney's Mission Statement

    Read the mission statement and values of the District Attorney's Office.

  5. Directions to the District Attorney's Office

    Get directions to the District Attorney's Office from the West, East, North, and from New York City.

  6. Job Opportunities

    Find information about jobs with the District Attorney's Office including Assistant District Attorney, Investigator, Clerical Support Personnel, and Intern.

  7. Specialized Prosecution Units

    The District Attorney’s Office is organized into several prosecution units, in order to provide the most-specialized resources available to serve law enforcement agencies, crime victims, and all of the citizens of Orange County.

  8. Phone Applications

    iPhone and Android


About the District Attorney's Office (2024)
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