15 Items You Should Have In Your Deer Hunting Pack - Carbomask Hunting Products. (2024)

While deer season might be several months away, preparation should start now. While you might here this in nearly every summer and off season deer hunting article, it’s for good reason. Beyond the endless hours of food plots, trail cameras, scouting, and practicing, a look into your gear and actual hunting preparation might go unnoticed. Nothing is near more important than what goes into your deer hunting pack! Here are 15 items that you should have in your deer hunting pack this season.

1. Gear Rope – Nothing is quite worse than getting to the tree stand on a cold brisk November morning and finding that you have no rope to haul your gear. This is a nightmare for climbing tree stand users, and a upset for ladder or hang-on hunters. Be sure to always throw in 20-25 feet of thick nylon rope.

2. Hand Saw– We all have that one annoying limb on our stand. When we originally trimmed shooting lanes we tried to remain conservative to leave enough cover. Once October rolled around however it seemed there were new stragglers in the exact wrong spot! Putting a small telescoping saw in the pack will always be useful.

3. Rain Cover- Some of the best days in the whitetail woods are in a little rain. While other hunters start packing it in, you can pull out your tree stand umbrella or rain cover to keep you and your gear dry.

4. Headlamp- This is one is a given for any deer hunter. You always need a headlamp or two. The best combination is a bright LED and a dull red light, the red light is great for walking in and out undetected, while the bright LED is great for blood trailing.

5. Water and Snacks- Some hunters look down on weaklings who need a little snack in the stand, but everyone gets hungry, and it’s nice to have a little power bar to punch you for that extra hour or two! Always remember to include some water the items you should have in your deer hunting pack. Don’t just throw in a water bottle, they can be very loud once the water is gone, if you can use a hydration pack or quite plastic bottle.

6. Binoculars – Some hunters feel nude without a pair of binoculars around their neck. Binoculars is definitely one of the items you should have in your deer hunting pack, they can be useful from identifying bucks, aging bucks, or to finally settle whether or not that odd looking log is really a log or a deer!

7. Extra Release, Quick Loads, Cartridges, or Slugs – Normally these items are a given that you will take grabbing your bow, muzzleloader, rifle, or shotgun. Unfortunately, 7 days into the whitetail rut, packs can become disorganized, ammo and other items lost in trucks or in the tree stand. Putting an extra release, some quick loads, a few cartridges, and a couple slugs in a pocket in your gear bag will keep the most important item in your hunting pack!

8. Gutting Knife- We have all been there at some point in our deer hunting career, that moment when a big buck is on the ground, but our knife is laying in the box back at the truck or even worse…the house. Strapping your gutting knife on or putting in a designated pocket will ensure you are ready to carry out your success.

9. Hooks and Hangers – These are a must! Your gun, bow, backpack, quiver, extra clothes, and/or camera gear need a place to hang in the tree. Having an assortment of hooks and hangers will ensure you have enough to go around to make your life easier when hunting from a tree stand.

10. Hand Warmers- As much as we hate to admit it, guys and gals alike need hand warmers on most hunts between November 15th and the end of the season. As far as items you should have in your deer hunting packs go, any tools that help you be more successful or keep you out in the stand longer is a must!

11. Deer Calls- While they can be tempting to overuse at the wrong time, noting beats being able to grunt, rattle, bleat, or snort-wheeze a buck into range! Having calls is better than not having calls in you hunting backpack.

12. Toilet Paper – This is simple. Nature calls!

13. Extra Clothes – While they take up a lot of room an extra hoodie, hat, or coveralls, really can keep you out in the woods for that extra hour or two. Items you should have in your deer hunting pack should include extra clothes for cod sits, or afternoon sits to fight the cold that can end a hunt.

14. Mobile Power Station/ Battery Pack- This is one that is probably not in at least 80%-90% of deer hunters packs out there. As far as items you should have in your hunting pack go, a mobile power station or battery pack could make a significant difference. It can keep your phone charged through a cold November hunt, charge your camera gear, and even with new developing technology be incorporated into a heating system for your hunting jacket!

15. Camo Face Paint Tubes– Each and every time you go into the deer stand your face should be covered. In another blog on this site we finally put the face paint versus facemask debate to rest, meaning you should include camo face paint tubes in to the list of items you should have in your deer hunting pack.

15 Items You Should Have In Your Deer Hunting Pack - Carbomask Hunting Products. (1)

As you prepare for the upcoming deer season, create a checklist. Are all of the 15 items you should have in your deer hunting pack in your pack?

15 Items You Should Have In Your Deer Hunting Pack - Carbomask Hunting Products. (2024)
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