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Linky Blog 2014 Survey
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2014 Questions

What topics are you genuinely interested in?
Check any that apply
Rank the following in the order that you are most interested... start with #1 being the most interesting.
Double-click or drag-and-drop items in the left list to move them to the right - your highest ranking item should be on the top right, moving through to your lowest ranking item.
All your answers must be different.
Online Business Income
Making money with your blog
Home Business
Creating Products to Sell
eBooks Creation and Publishing
Writing Skills
Personal Finance
Getting Out of Debt
Personal Discipline and Management
If you could only choose one topic for Linky Blog, which would it be:
Choose one of the following answers

Which format are you most likely to take time to check out?
Choose one of the following answers

What do you LIKE about Linky Blog? Is there anything you really look forward to from Linky Blog?

What do you NOT LIKE about Linky Blog? What about Linky Blog does not interest you at all and you never take time to check out.  Be honest... I really want to know... 

I've got lots of new stuff planned in lots of different formats but I only want to create products/sites/services/tools that you will be interested in. Please indicate below your level of interest in the following types:
  Only if FREE For a high quality product at a good price, I'd pay for it Not interested in this at all Not sure No answer
eBooks or Print Books
Online eLearning Workshops (with audio/video/quiz, etc)
Short Reports or How-To Guides
More Blogging Tools & Services like LinkyTools.com or LinkyFollowers.com
A Personal Blog or Online Business Evaluation & Recommendation Program By Brent
A VIP Club with Members Only Content & Training and personal interaction with Brent

After 20 years online, I make more income from the Internet that I ever did at a regular job. It seems that all the really successful and big names out there like me concentrate on "passive income" or "online business" or "making money with blog" which involves building traffic, creating things to sell, and monetizing your online site or blog.

I'm not talking about people who have never done anything except sell "how to make money online" products. I'm talking about sharing my experience and success in over a dozen ways I currently make income online with real examples, real numbers and real advice.

I know that most people would love to make an income with their blog. Do you think Linky Blog should turn its focus towards teaching you how to make money online, with your blog or in other ways?

Choose one of the following answers

Okay, here's the "Hundred Dollar Question". I'm going to give a hundred bucks to the "best" answer I receive. I have no idea what will make this the "best" answer, so just go for it.

Right now, I think Linky Blog is a "me too" blog. Ouch. That means there are a lot of other blogs out there doing the same thing, and providing the same thing as me.  They have a lot of good stuff... me too.  They have some great products and information... me too.  They know what they are talking about... me too.  See what I mean?

But "me too" blogs never go to the next level. Linky Blog has gotten 8000+ subscribers in just over a year but it still lacks a "wow" factor. It's like a your neighborhood Walmart: good products, lots of  useful stuff, but nothing you get excited about or enthusiastically recommend to others.

Time to change that.  What will take Linky Blog from "me too" to "WOW! I need to tell people about this!"

  • Is it concentrating on "internet income" and "online business" and transparently telling you how I make money online and helping you to do the same?
  • Is it creating more "Linky" sites/tools/services to help you blog better?
  • Is it creating a library of training tools, workshops, how-to instruction and other useful products?
  • What would make Linky Blog "WOW" for you?  

The answer that most inspires gets a hundred bucks for taking time to think this one over.

I have several new Linky Site ideas in production. These are all going to be created but I would like to know your level of interest in them because I really value the opinion of my audience:
  Very Interested Some interest No Interest Not sure No answer
Linky Sports (team schedules, rosters, photos, messages, news, profiles, etc)
Linky Rankings (blog rankings by category)
Linky Infographics (info graphics you can put on your blog)
Linky Stuff (content you can put on your blog; stories, images, jokes, videos, etc)
Linky Organizer (organize goals, tasks, projects, information, etc)
Linky Workshops (eLearning and training for blogging and online business)
Linky Certified (blog and online business training with certification standards)
Can you think of a Linky site, service or tool that I should create? If you give me an idea that I actually create, I'll make sure that you are a major sponsor on the site so that everyone who uses it discovers YOU too.